Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Glasshouse Tahaa Candle Review

こんにちは from Japan!

My globe trotting has continued and I am currently adjusting to life in Japan for the following year. During my crazy, hectic week of getting packed for the move, I made the (ir)rational decision that I had to bring along my giant Tahaa candle, kindly gifted to me by none other than the lovely Emma, to really make my apartment feel like it was my own. After much moving back and fro from various suitcases I did manage to find a place for it, and it has made it's way into my comfy sized apartment.

If any of you has happened to walk past, or be in the 10m range, of a Peter Alexander store, then you will know all about their glorious candles and gorgeous pyjama's. For those of you who are unfortunate enough not to have a PA store in your vicinity, I can only urge you to go and look at their catalogues and dare you not to fall in love with their amazing pyjama range.
I have left this store with a much lighter wallet many a time so beware!
In this amazing store that smells like vanilla-cakes-drizzled-with caramel-that's-been-lovingly-smooshed-into-your-face, the scent comes from their ever burning of Glasshouse candles.
Glasshouse is an Australian business that makes high quality triple scented candles in various fragrances. If you are into candles, then you have to experience these.

The candle I was given on my birthday by Emma was 'Tahaa' which is the one usually left burning in the PA store. It is a very sweet vanilla and caramel scent that I have never found sickeningly sweet or cloying in any way. *I am very into my gourmand scents so if you prefer something less sweet and cleaner, I can definitely recommend the rest of their range. As it is the super-duper-double-whopper size, the burn time is 80 hours and it is double-wicked. The colour is a toffee caramel and it comes in a beautiful glass jar which I plan on using as a jar to hold sweets, after I have burnt all of the candle. The candles are, as I mentioned, triple scented so even if you take off the lid of the jar and leave it without burning, it will fill up your whole room with the scent! It's amazing! Even just sitting in the gorgeous box it comes in, the fragrances permeates the packaging and air around it. Delicious!

It just looks gorgeous sitting anywhere. I like to put it on my wee, scratched up coffee table so I feel like I'm super swank in my apartment.

Glasshouse Tahaa Candle

I am so in love with this candle, it's not even funny! I have also purchased the mini size in Montego Bay, which I actually love even more than the Tahaa scent, if it's possible! I will be purchasing a full size in the near future, so once purchased, I will do a review on it as well.

If you are keen on checking out this candle and the rest of the range, clickety-click on: http://www.glasshousefragrances.com/destinations/tahaa.html
And if you want to see the magical PA collection: http://www.peteralexander.com.au/

Are you into your candles too? What brands would you recommend? Hope you're all having a great week and getting geared up for cooler weather! (Or warmer weather if you're in the southern hemisphere with Emma!)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Korres Japanese Rose Bodymilk Review

So, whilst I have been frolicking overseas again I have picked up a product by a company that I have been very eager to try out for a while. Korres is a Greek skincare brand that endeavours to avoid using chemicals and synthetic ingredients where possible in their products. This one in particular (and I think all of them are) is suitable for vegans and isn't tested on animals, something I tend to look out for. (I actually became the owner of this little beauty after my aunty decided it wasn't for her, and luckily for me, it was love at first sniff.)

Japanese Rose / Velvet, sweet essence of rose buds / Moisturising body milk, enriched with vitamins and trace elements, essential skin energy boosting agents. The combination of Almost oil, active Aloe, provitamins B5 and Shea butter provides long-lasting hydration while enhancing skin suppleness. Dermatologically tested.

As you can see, the packaging is simple yet pretty; rose petals against a white background makes it effective for catching the eye and making it obvious as to what scent the lotion is. Along the side of the bottle there is a thorough list stating the formula facts as well as the packaging facts (both very handy and interesting to read!)

On to the gorgeous scent! I am not particularly fond of rose scents, even though I love sniffing the real thing, so I didn't pay this much attention at all whilst in the organic shop in Germany from which this was purchased. However, as soon as my aunty had rubbed some on her arms, I fell immediately in love with it. This lotion smells like roses and some type of fruit combined rather than the typical rose scent, which I was expecting to smell. I also love that once I slather myself with this lotion, my skin absorbs it quickly, and the smell lasts for far longer than I would expect it to. A big bonus when it comes to summer and very high temperatures! I find that it leaves my skin smooth and supple for a long time, and I thoroughly enjoy using it after showering every time.

I highly recommend this product if you are looking for a great smelling (and feeling!) product from a company that strives to provide environmentally and skin friendly products in pretty packaging. The only downfall is that Korres is not sold in NZ so once I am through with this I will have to curse the gods of body products who don't ensure all amazing products are sold worldwide. Also, I did find that the product was a little pricey at around 13.50 euros for only 235ml, however, I do find that the quality of the product is reflected in the price and so I do not find this such an issue.

What body lotions are you currently loving, dear readers? Is the summer weather also making you reach for more fruity/tropical scented lotions?