Friday, February 10, 2012

Lush Valentine's Haul!

I went to Lush today, and I got a few goodies from this year's Valentine's Day collection! Take a look what's inside my paper bag....

Ok, one of these items isn't from the Valentine's Day collection, but I still wanted to show you guys anyway. I got The Leap Frog bath ballistic, a Magic Mushroom bubble bar, and a Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar.

 The Leap Frog bath ballistic - NZ$5.90

The Leap Frog is a jasmine, rose and sandalwood scented bath ballistic, which to me has a nice clean smell to it. I can't explain it - It just smells fresh! And I love anything with rose in it. 

What Lush says about it:
"As 2012 is a leap year and according to an ancient tradition, February 29th is when the girls get to propose! So, in honour of this event, we decided to rename our famous Frog Prince Bath Bomb and bring him out to celebrate. And, if you’re wondering whether to pop the question, he might just help you make up your mind..."
This one has a little bit of paper inside, I can tell - Can you see it poking out on froggie's neck?

 Magic Mushroom bubble bar - NZ$5.90

Magic Mushroom smells so delicious, just like strawberries and cream. And it looks so cute and squidgy to me! I wonder if I will ever end up using this, I'd rather just sniff it....

What Lush says about it:

"Some like to say it with flowers, but if you really want to make an impression on your beloved then you can’t do better than a bunch of mushrooms! Our Magic Mushroom is possibly the cutest bubble bar we’ve ever made, and he’s back by popular demand for another shot with Cupid’s arrow.
Magic Mushroom’s white stem is scented with our famous Vanillary fragrance, while his bright red top smells of strawberries, making a yummy strawberries and cream combo that’ll give piles of fruity bathtime bubbles."

 Strawberry Feels Forvever massage bar - NZ$16.30
This is my first ever massage bar! I was torn between this and Therapy, but I went with this one in the end for two reasons: 1) It's cheaper than Therapy; and 2) It has the same scent as Magic Mushroom! Ahh bliss.
What Lush says about it:

"Our fruity Massage Bar is made with crushed strawberries and an extract of hibiscus flowers. It’s scented with the same delicious fruit-sundae-with-cream-on-top aroma as our Yummy Yummy Yummy shower cream wash. Celebrate the strawberry feels forever and have irresistibly fragrant skin."

To finish up this haul is A Million Kisses lip tint, which I purchased a few days ago. Hooray for lip tints and swatches!

 A Million Kisses lip tint - NZ$11.50

This is a dark ruby red lip tint that's super pigmented. It's made with rose and lemon, so it smells just like a bag of turkish delight!

What Lush says about it:
"This year’s most fashionable and romantic lips are most definitely going to be rosy! A Million Kisses is our special Valentine’s lip tint for kissable lips that smell divinely of roses.
The main ingredient in this luxurious balm is organic rose hip oil, which not only tastes delicious but works beautifully on dry skin. - Moisturising and rehydrating your lips to make them kissably soft. For the colour we’ve chosen a seductive deep ruby red; wear it with your “come hither” eyes for instant attraction."

What do you guys think of this year's Valentine's Day collection? Have you picked up any items from Lush recently?


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