Thursday, December 8, 2011

Revlon Scented Nail Polish - Review

I picked up a bottle Revlon's new scented nail polish range. These are all sheer, glittery, jelly polishes, unlike the last range of scented polishes they had, which were mainly solid and slightly metallic colours.
I picked up Grapefruit Fizz, as I seriously love grapefruit and the smell of grapefruit. It also seemed to be the least "out there" shade (my logic was that it would go with more things lol).

Revlon Scented Nail Enamel in Grapefruit Fizz

Check out the sparkles!

I seriously hate the brushes on Revlon nail polishes, they are so small and thin, I find that they make application quite tricky. However, this turned out alright. This is two coats.
It doesn't have glitter, but rather small sparkly flakes of pink, silver and gold. 

I like the jelly finish, however it's a bit fragile even when dry, and requires a top coat to prevent any denting. The scent is....not grapefruit. It reminds me of a pack of Starbursts! I can't narrow it down to which flavoured Starburst though..... 

I only paid AU$4 for this, and for that price, I'm pretty pleased, and I'm tempted go back and get another one or two!


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