Saturday, December 3, 2011

Layla Magnetic Nail Polish

Just a quick post to show off my new obsession - magnetic nail polish!
This is Layla Magneffect magnetic effect nail polish in Gun Metal.

I purchased mine from Hair Warehouse for $19.95, and it comes in a range of shades (I also own one in shade Purple Galaxy).

The way it works is you apply a coat of the polish, then using a magnet on the base of the lid, hold it as close to the nail as possible without actually touching. Hold for 10 seconds, and voila! The iron in the polish shifts, and patterns are created.

The only downsides to this polish is it does take a while to dry (which is why the tips are smudged), and the pattern does in fact go blurry after a while. But it's got a mirror shine to it and has a bit of depth to it.

I probably wouldn't pay nearly $20 for another bottle, and would suggest hunting about for a cheaper price, and it is worth giving a go if you are into nail art, etc.

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