Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lush Cosmetics Haul

Believe it or not, I'd never been into a Lush Cosmetics store. Until today.

Countless times I have walked past and had a sniff, but today was the day I finally popped in! ...And had a sniff around. And I was pleasantly surprised! 
Lush has a great range of freshly handmade cosmetics, many of which are vegan and are environmentally responsible. Everything smells delicious and the staff are super friendly without being too imposing, and they genuinely love the products they have to offer!

I didn't come out empty-handed though. So I now present you with my little haul!

 From top left clockwise: Karma solid perfume 12g, Sweet Lips lip scrub 25g, Honey Trap lip balm 10g, Charity Pot hand & body lotion 10g

I suppose you could say it's a mini haul, as everything I bought is so small and cute! 
Here are my initial thoughts on the products:
  • Karma is their most popular fragrance at Lush, and it also happens to be their cheapest too (AU$7.95). It resembles a giant lipbalm with a screwtop lid, and as you work through it, you push the bottom of the container up to dispense more product. Very purse-friendly!
  • Sweet Lips is one of the three lip scrubs that Lush currently offers. It is a vanilla and chocolate sugar lip scrub that smells absolutely devine. This is the first lip scrub I have ever purchased, as I usually make them myself (usually out of sugar, honey and olive oil), but I thought I would give this a go - And it's edible! (Whilst my homemade one is edible, the oil doesn't make it taste great)
  • Honey Trap is a transparent lip balm. Smells like honey and mint, tastes like honey and white chocolate with a hint of mint! Om nom nom.
  • I bought the Charity pot because it was only $2 for the sample and the money goes to the Lush Charity Pot Fund. The smell is so unusual though, to me it reminds me of a hot summer's day by the pool.

Overall I am still surprised that I didn't go into Lush earlier, as I got some nice little goodies today. I'm fairly sure that I shall be returning sometime in the near future.....


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