Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish Fruities

I think I might be craving some sunshine and the summertime.

I went into Target today and spotted Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish Fruities nail polishes, and I simply couldn't resist the pretty pastel-y colours!

I was slightly annoyed when I went to buy these, as Rimmel cosmetics were all meant to be $4 off, but I was told by a Target staff member that "Nail polish doesn't count as cosmetics".
Um. What? So every other time there has been a sale on 'cosmetics', nail polish has been included? GAH.
Oh well, so I ended up paying $5.95 each for these. $1.95 would have been nice though...

So I picked up 053 Apricot Punch, 058 Lemon Drop and 025 Strawberry Fizz. Now in addition to these being such pretty little colours, they are supposed to have a fruity scent when dry! I'm looking forward to doing swatches of these, and will discuss application, colour and the scent of each of these.


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