Monday, July 4, 2011

Update + Australis Lip Pencil and Mineral Lipstick Review

Hi everyone, it's been a while since I last blogged. Last week I shifted overseas to Australia to work, and I will be here for a minimum of six months. It was tough having to say goodbye to my family and friends, not to mention I'm now in a long-distance relationship :(
However, I'm now set up, I got a laptop and now I can resume blogging :)

So yesterday I made my first cosmetics purchase! I popped into Priceline and got me two lip products by Australis: A lip pencil in Nudie Rudie, and Colour Inject mineral lipstick in Mambo. I will start off with the lip pencil.

There were no testers for this product, but based on the packaging, this looked like a pinky-beigy nude lip liner. Right?

Observe the swatch I did after taking it home and opening it......

Umm. That looks more like a orangy nude colour to me.

Surely it isn't just me? There isn't really any similarity to what the packaging depicts it to be! Still, I guess it's a nude lip pencil. I paid AU $7 for it, and for that, I'm happy that I now have a nude lip pencil. The quality is good, and it doesn't drag. For the price, I would recommend Australis lip liners.

And now we have Australis Colour Inject Mineral lipstick in Mambo. I was tossing up between this one and a shade called Jive, which is a bit more pink. Mambo is described as being a beige nude creme lipstick, but once again, slight mistake in the interpretation of the colour on the packaging. Thankfully there were testers for this one, so I knew that it wasn't quite the colour on the packaging. I already own a Colour Inject lipstick in the shade Cha Cha. If you take a look at the product information on their website (link here), while it describes Cha Cha as a red creme colour, the swatch they show is more of a dark pink. Trust me, it's actually a full-on red colour. Don't trust those swatches.
ANYWAY, here's what Mambo actually looks like:
 With flash

Without flash

I have to admit, this one does look similar to the colour on the packing, but not quite as pale, it's a bit more of a salmon colour rather than beige. This is very creamy and buildable, very moisturising, and the packaging is sleek and sturdy. It's unlikely you'll bust this up if you leave it in your purse! It does have that typical generic lipstick smell though.

Time for a quick swatch.........

 Two products side by side

I think that this is a nice nude lipstick as it does have a bit of colour to it. I'm probably going to go back and by another one in shade Jive, these are currently about AU $10 at Priceline and in my opinion, a bargain.
As you can probably tell from the swatches, Mambo does look a bit odd over Nudie Rudie. Well, maybe not odd, just quite different because of how orange Nudie Rudie is. It just doesn't really match that well, but it's a perfect match for my NYX round lipstick in Circe.

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  1. I feel the exact same! I purchased the nudie rudie and in my opinion it was completely different to the how to product was shown! I have contacted Australis though and hope I can hear back form them. Good to know other people feel the same! haha