Sunday, June 5, 2011

Queen's Birthday Mini-Haul

We are currently celebrating Queen's Birthday weekend, so I decided to go into town and check out the sales!

 With flash
 Without flash

I got (going clockwise):
  • Trade Aid organic black tea ($4)
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish nail polish in Go Cobalt ($7)
  • Loujene Fruit Lip Cream in Peach ($4)
  • Black charcoal nose strips ($4)
  • E.L.F Studio stipple brush ($8)
  • E.L.F Studio Powder brush ($8)
The only things that I bought which were actually on sale were the nail polish and the makeup brushes, heh. Farmers were having a 30% off red dot sale, and this Rimmel polish was included. And Bling had 50% off everything storewide, so I got two makeup brushes for the price of one, which I'm stoked about! I was tempted to go nuts and buy way more stuff though. I included the teabags just because I do actually use them on my skin to help treat my dark circles.
Man I'm happy about the E.L.F brushes.....I've been eyeing them up for ages, and now they are finally miiiiiiiiiiiiiiine! :D


  1. How are those Elf brushes treating you? I bought the foundation brush a while ago but found it pretty horrible to use so I'm back to just using my fingers!

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  3. @NovoSadjanka
    They seem pretty decent so far. The stipple brush requires pretty regular cleaning but it's been doing a reasonable job. As for the powder brush, I've used it with, well, powder, and I'm really liking it. Both brushes are super soft, and they look so sleek!