Sunday, June 5, 2011

NYX Haul

So a wee while ago I ordered a few NYX products online from Beautyjoint, who sell NYX products for ridiculously cheap! I ordered two NYX Round lipsticks ($2US each), one NYX Round lipgloss ($1.75US) and one NYX Megashine lipgloss ($3.75US). They were shipped from California and took about 8 days to get to New Zealand, which is pretty decent, considering I got the standard shipping (which was very well priced in my opinion!). In total, it cost me around $20NZ for four products, including shipping. 
I've been wanting to try NYX for a little while now, as I heard that the lipsticks are comparable to MAC lipsticks, but I'm put off by how pricey MAC is. So instead I got four NYX lip products with shipping for half the cost of a single MAC lipstick!

 Needless to say that I was super excited when they arrived!

 Getting ready to unveil the contents.....

.....and hoorah!

Here's more specifically what I got:
  • Round gloss in 08 - Doll Pink
  • Mega Shine lip gloss in LG164 - Nude Pink
  • Round lipstick in LSS595 - Strawberry Milk
  • Round lipstick in LSS522 - Circe
Time for swatches!

I intend to review these products in a bit more detail, but here's a quick overview of each:
  • Circe - Nude lippy. Appears quite orange on the hand, looks better on lips. Very smooth formula, smells like soap which may bother some people.
  • Strawberry Milk - Reminds me of a baby pink colour for lips. Doesn't look good on me by itself, the colour is so pale that fine lines show through and are very obvious. Soap-scented, and very smooth.
  • Doll Pink - A very Barbie-pink with blue undertones. A little goes a long way, very strong colour, looks just fine by itself. Smells a bit like dishwashing liquid. Nice formula, not too sticky.
  • Nude Pink - Isn't really that nude at all. Looks good by itself or over a lipstick. Very creamy formula, and cute packaging. Has a cherry scent.
I'm not sure which is my favourite, but I have to say my least favourite is the Strawberry Milk lipstick, I just can't wear it by itself.


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