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LUSH Herbalism Face Cleanser Review

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I thought it was about high time I showed up on here! I am the other (and thus far, useless!) contributor of this blog. Emma has been twisting my arms, trying to make me write a review for a while now, so seeing as I had a wee bit of spare time on my hands, I thought I'd write my first one today! :)

The produce I have chosen to write about today is LUSH's Herbalism face cleanser. 

Let's have a read of how the LUSH site describes it:

Purifying and exfoliating, herbal cleansing-roll wash.

Herbalism should be used on oily and problem skin. It is a green, squidgy, putty-like paste made from powdered herbs, which are actually perfect for the skin. Noriko worked on tailoring it specifically to a certain skin type.
It's called Herbalism because it goes back to the basics of herbal skincare. It cleanses with kaolin, exfoliates with ground almonds, stimulates with rosemary, uses nettle powder to purge dirt and oil, and chamomile soothes the surface. 

My skin is on the sensitive side, and it tends to get quite oily through-out the T-zone, but it's usually my nose that is one big hunk of glowing oiliness. And to make it even more fun, my cheeks tend to get dry and flaky if I use a product that is too drying for that area. Needless to say, it's a big pain in the butt trying to find a decent cleanser for my face.

LUSH products are advertised as being all-natural and not only people-friendly, but also planet-friendly which makes them a-okay in my book. As with all LUSH products, this one has a very distinctive herb like smell. I can't really smell the rosemary, almonds or chamomile, so the over-powering smell must be the nettle slash other herby kinds of goodness. The product itself lives in a little plastic see-through pot which seems sturdier than the packaging they were using for face cleansers previously. (My last one I dropped in the shower and it ended up with a big crack on the lid D:) 

How I use it:

I usually just stick my finger in and scoop a bit of cleanser out - a nickel/NZ 10 cent piece size - and then dilute it down with a thimbleful of water (honestly, I can't think of any better measurement). Basically, less is more when it comes to how much water you use. I prefer to make it into a paste, and if you end up using too much water, it becomes far too runny and just ends up dribbling through your fingers. I then rub it over my face, making light circles with my fingertips, and I try to do this for around a minute. Make sure you do this over a sink as little bits of rosemary, and whatever else it is, drop off your face as you keep scrubbing. As always, it's much easier if you're in the shower, but chances are you don't shower morning and night so learn how to use it above a sink :D


After using it for almost 3 months now, I do have to say I have noticed an improvement in oil levels, especially on my nose. I don't get nearly as oily, and the gentle scrub helps to exfoliate my skin, making it softer. I paid NZD$18 for 100g of it, and since it is a natural product that will go off, the life expectancy of it is 3 months. Overall, I like how it feels on my skin when using it, albeit getting the water + cleanser mixture right and the funky hippie smell, and I feel it does what it says it does. If you have sensitive skin with oily and dry patches, don't be afraid to try this even if it is advertised as a face cleanser for oily and problem skin.

Just on a side note, when taking make-up off, I would recommend using wipes or a cleanser especially made for taking make-up off prior to using this cleanser as I found that I still had to wipe ages with my toner and cotton balls if I'm wearing foundation.

So readers, let me know what you guys think of LUSH's products; have you ever tried their cleansers?

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