Saturday, May 14, 2011

OPI Silver Shatter - Review

So the Pirates of the Carribean Collection has just been released, and I'm not really that keen on any of them. Except...Silver Shatter.
I bought Black Shatter when it first came out, and I was very pleased with it, but I found that I didn't really like the way it looked over a lot of my nail polishes. When I heard that Silver Shatter was coming out though, I thought: 'that's even better! It'll look so pretty!'. And that was that, so I had to buy Silver Shatter as soon as it came out.

I'm pretty pleased that I got my bottle when I did, because I just can't find it in any of my local stores! As I said earlier, I wasn't interested in any of the other Pirates polishes. I mean, they are pretty pastel-y colours, but I don't think that they are anything too special, so I skipped them. However, I liked the look of Silver Shatter over those polishes in the collection.
So I applied a coat of black Rimmel polish (Black Satin), left it to dry for about 10 minutes, then applied my shatter.

Now that's what I'm talking about! A pretty sparkly silver that also looks edgy. I think that this would look great over bright and girly colours.

So yeah...This is pretty much a quick review just to say that I really like Silver Shatter, and I've taken pictures of it :p


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