Monday, May 9, 2011

OPI Katy Perry Minis - Review 3/4

Hello everyone, time for part Three of Four of OPI's Katy Perry Mini Collection. For my review of The One That Got Away, click here,  and for Teenage Dream, click here.

Today I'm reviewing Last Friday Night. Even though I'm pretty fond of glitter, I wasn't super exciting about doing this one, just because I've seen swatches of it and it looks pretty sheer, despite 3-4 coats of the stuff!

Oh well, here we go..

Sorry about the light, I did take them outside, but the weather has just been so grim!

I applied three coats, and as you can see, it's still pretty sheer. However I quite like it, I think it has a bit of a disco feel to it, and it would be so awesome if it glowed in the dark! The formula is a bit different to Teenage Dream, which has a pink glittery gel containing flexes of glitter, while Last Friday Night is more of a blue gel containing a little bit of glitter and the big chunky glitter flexes.
I'm not sure if this really complements my skin tone, but I do like the polish more than I expected to like it. It would look amazing as a top coat over a blue polish!

Overall, I do like this polish, but I probably won't be buying the full-sized bottle of it, I definitely prefer Teenage Dream.

Keep your eyes peeled for my final review of the collection: Not Like The Movies.

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