Saturday, May 21, 2011

L'Oreal Nail Polish - Review + Silver Shatter

So I've been after a bluey green nail polish for a wee while now, and was contemplating getting China Glaze's For Audrey. However as outlined in my previous post here, I found L'Oreal's Waters Edge.
Please excuse my red and angry-looking fingers.........

 Without flash

With flash

I'm sorry about the pictures, the weather has been terrible, it's pouring down with rain at the moment!
This is two coats of Waters Edge. While it looks quite bright in pictures, it's actually more of a dusty-looking light teal colour. Now this is my first L'Oreal polish, and it isn't as long wearing as I would have hoped, and it took forever to dry.
Now this colour reminded me a little bit of OPI's Pirates of the Carribean collection, particularly Mermaid's Tears (I know that they aren't really that similar at ALL, but they're both kinda pastel colours!). So I just had to pop a layer of Silver Shatter over the top, just to see how it looks.

Hmm, I think it looks alright, doesn't really make Waters Edge pop though. From a distance, I find that the Silver Shatter does drain the teal colour, but close up it looks ok.
I don't think I would repurchase Waters Edge, I'm still thinking of buying China Glaze's For Audrey though. Waters Edge is a bit too dusty for me to love it, but I only paid NZ$6 for it, so I'm not cut up about it or anything, haha.


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