Saturday, May 21, 2011

L'Oreal Nail Polish - Review + Silver Shatter

So I've been after a bluey green nail polish for a wee while now, and was contemplating getting China Glaze's For Audrey. However as outlined in my previous post here, I found L'Oreal's Waters Edge.
Please excuse my red and angry-looking fingers.........

 Without flash

With flash

I'm sorry about the pictures, the weather has been terrible, it's pouring down with rain at the moment!
This is two coats of Waters Edge. While it looks quite bright in pictures, it's actually more of a dusty-looking light teal colour. Now this is my first L'Oreal polish, and it isn't as long wearing as I would have hoped, and it took forever to dry.
Now this colour reminded me a little bit of OPI's Pirates of the Carribean collection, particularly Mermaid's Tears (I know that they aren't really that similar at ALL, but they're both kinda pastel colours!). So I just had to pop a layer of Silver Shatter over the top, just to see how it looks.

Hmm, I think it looks alright, doesn't really make Waters Edge pop though. From a distance, I find that the Silver Shatter does drain the teal colour, but close up it looks ok.
I don't think I would repurchase Waters Edge, I'm still thinking of buying China Glaze's For Audrey though. Waters Edge is a bit too dusty for me to love it, but I only paid NZ$6 for it, so I'm not cut up about it or anything, haha.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mini Makeup Haul

So today I went with my friend to a makeup clearance in Wellington today, had mostly brands such as L'Oreal, Revlon, Maybelline and Calvin Klein, as well as various perfumes.
From this, I picked up a couple of things. I got:
  • Revlon Colorstay Mineral Finishing Powder in Brighten (NZ$15)
  • L'Oreal Nail Polish in Waters Edge (NZ$6)
  • Rimmel Volume Booster lipstick in Hello!! (NZ$3)
 Overall I'm pretty happy with what I got from there. I don't own a highlighter, but I'm hoping that the Revlon powder will do the trick for illuminating my skin. I'm also pretty pleased with the L'Oreal polish too, I've been after a greeny-blue polish for a while now.

So after this, my friend and I popped into the mall on the way home and I got more goodies! I bought three nail polishes:

  • BYS Nail Enamel in Down The Rabbit Hole (approx. NZ$7) - Sparkly black polish
  • Rimmel 60 Seconds nail polish in Blue Me Away (approx. NZ$9) - Purple shimmer polish
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish in Black Cherries (approx. NZ$7) - Greeny blue polish
 I also bought my first pair of cotton leggings from K-Mart for NZ$8. While I have no intention of wearing them as pants, I finally understand why people do....They are so freakin' comfortable! I'll wear these under skirts/dresses, around the house and for exercise :)

Lastly, when I got home, I found that a small package I bought off TradeMe had arrived:
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in Birthday Suit
  • Maybelline Color Sensational in Pink Please
 I bought the Maybelline lipstick to try, and the Rimmel one is to replace an existing one I own which I broke :( But hey, they were only NZ$6 each.
Here's a pic of the whole lot.....

Overall I'm pretty pleased with this little haul. I'm also expecting a package with a few NYX lipsticks and lip glosses within the next week. I've heard so many good things about NYX products, so I can't wait to try them out!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

OPI Silver Shatter - Review

So the Pirates of the Carribean Collection has just been released, and I'm not really that keen on any of them. Except...Silver Shatter.
I bought Black Shatter when it first came out, and I was very pleased with it, but I found that I didn't really like the way it looked over a lot of my nail polishes. When I heard that Silver Shatter was coming out though, I thought: 'that's even better! It'll look so pretty!'. And that was that, so I had to buy Silver Shatter as soon as it came out.

I'm pretty pleased that I got my bottle when I did, because I just can't find it in any of my local stores! As I said earlier, I wasn't interested in any of the other Pirates polishes. I mean, they are pretty pastel-y colours, but I don't think that they are anything too special, so I skipped them. However, I liked the look of Silver Shatter over those polishes in the collection.
So I applied a coat of black Rimmel polish (Black Satin), left it to dry for about 10 minutes, then applied my shatter.

Now that's what I'm talking about! A pretty sparkly silver that also looks edgy. I think that this would look great over bright and girly colours.

So yeah...This is pretty much a quick review just to say that I really like Silver Shatter, and I've taken pictures of it :p

OPI Katy Perry Minis - Review 4/4

Hi everyone!  Hope everyone is well. The weather here has been terrible, we had a massive storm with heavy winds here this morning, but the sun is starting to come out :)

So I'm reviewing the final polish in the Katy Perry Collection: Not Like The Movies.
I heard a lot of different things about this polish, and a lot of people seem to really like it. But looking at the bottle, I guess I just couldn't understand why. I mean, it's a greeny silvery polish with fine silver glitter, and it does have a lot of depth to it. But I was still sceptical about it. It wasn't that I disliked how it looked in the bottle, I just didn't think that it could really look that good on my nails. So, I had to give it a go.

I applied two coats and took a handful of pictures, just because it does look different in every light. I found it to be more silver than green though. I've also decided that I quite like it :p It's a bit different, and the formula is fantastic, it's very easy to apply. I expected there to be small bubbles appearing due to the sort of polish this is, but there's no bubbles, it's completely smooth. It has a mirror-shine look to it, which I love.
...And that's it! That's the OPI Katy Perry Collection done. But I'm still slightly obsessed with nail polish. I must put reviews up on non-nail polish products..But I think I will keep reviewing polishes for just a bit longer :P

Monday, May 9, 2011

OPI Dulce De Leche - Review

So a while back I promised to do a review of a nail polish that, at the time, I'd purchased recently. I took pictures and everything, but never got around to blogging about it!
But since I currently have some time on my hands (and am also currently obsessed with OPI nail polish), here it is, as promised. OPI's Dulce De Leche.

I bought this because I didn't own a nude nail polish, something that I could slip on that looks subtle and work appropriate. But I didn't really know which nude shade of polish to get, there's so many out there these days! So I looked around, did my research and found Dulce De Leche. I've read many great reviews about this polish, and it seems to compliment the skin tone of everyone who has worn it!

So I decided to give it a shot. I bought it, and tested it out. Here's how it looks:

I know the pictures aren't the best...But I'm pretty sure they are clickable and can be enlarged.
So here's what I think: I love love LOVE it. I would describe it as a milky, creamy, pinky brown. The word "creamy" just keeps popping up in my mind...To me it looks delicious! I find it very pretty for a nude nail polish (the idea of wearing a brown nail polish doesn't really appeal to me).
And it's definitely work appropriate. I ended up wearing this to my graduation and to a few job interviews as well. I think that this one is a keeper, and I don't regret buying it.
So if you're after an attractive nude polish, I would recommend giving this one a go.

OPI Katy Perry Minis - Review 3/4

Hello everyone, time for part Three of Four of OPI's Katy Perry Mini Collection. For my review of The One That Got Away, click here,  and for Teenage Dream, click here.

Today I'm reviewing Last Friday Night. Even though I'm pretty fond of glitter, I wasn't super exciting about doing this one, just because I've seen swatches of it and it looks pretty sheer, despite 3-4 coats of the stuff!

Oh well, here we go..

Sorry about the light, I did take them outside, but the weather has just been so grim!

I applied three coats, and as you can see, it's still pretty sheer. However I quite like it, I think it has a bit of a disco feel to it, and it would be so awesome if it glowed in the dark! The formula is a bit different to Teenage Dream, which has a pink glittery gel containing flexes of glitter, while Last Friday Night is more of a blue gel containing a little bit of glitter and the big chunky glitter flexes.
I'm not sure if this really complements my skin tone, but I do like the polish more than I expected to like it. It would look amazing as a top coat over a blue polish!

Overall, I do like this polish, but I probably won't be buying the full-sized bottle of it, I definitely prefer Teenage Dream.

Keep your eyes peeled for my final review of the collection: Not Like The Movies.

Monday, May 2, 2011

OPI Katy Perry Minis - Review 2/4

This is part two of a four-part review of the OPI Katy Perry Minis, and today I'm reviewing Teenage Dream. You can view part one by clicking here.
Personally this is the polish in the collection that I have been looking forward to reviewing the most! When the collection was released, I was seriously considering buying a full-sized bottle of this one, but I ended up getting the minis instead so I could try each of them and decide for myself. we go!

 Two coats in low light

 Two coats in sunlight

I seriously adore this polish. It's so cute, very easy to build and super girly and pretty.It has a Hime Gyaru feel to it, only less extreme!

Ok, now time to add a layer of black shatter. I'm reluctant to do this, but if I hate how it looks, I'll just have to repaint my nails :P

 ....Hmm. The glitter poking through under the cracks is kind of cute, but I seriously prefer wearing Teenage Dream without Black Shatter.

So overall, I am totally in love with Teenage Dream, and I intend to buy a full-sized bottle of the stuff, but personally I'm not that keen on wearing it with Black Shatter on the top. 
I feel like Black Shatter looks best over bright colours. However I do intend to pick up a bottle of Silver Shatter sometime soon (so be sure to check back!), and I have a feeling that Silver Shatter will be better suited to polishes like Teenage Dream.

Part three of my OPI Katy Perry Minis review will be taking a look at Last Friday Night.