Friday, March 18, 2011

BYS Colour Change Nail Enamel - Review

Check out what I got my hands on....

I picked this up from my local cheapo cosmetics store, and it sounds super exciting!

The box says:
  • Change your look without having to change your nail polish!
  • BYS Colour Change Nail Enamel changes with your temperature, so if you're a cool cat one minute and hot under the collar the next, BYS Colour Change Nail Enamel will keep you fun and fashionable whatever your mood! (LOL a cool cat, eh?)

Shade N285 Glitter Purple with flash

Shade N285 Glitter Purple without flash

The sticker stuck on the lid gives you an indication of how much in colour this polish can change depending on temperature. So obviously if it's purple in the the packaging, it must go pink with warmth. So let's see how it turned out. I applied two coats of polish.

So as you can see, the tips of my nails are purple, while the rest is pink! The two-toned effect is kinda cool, but it also looks a bit like I have ink stuck under my nails! In that situation, this would work way better with shorter nails.
I did test to see if it does change colour with the temperature, and my nails did go purple when I stuck them in the freezer (that sounds so wrong, like I cut off my hands and shoved them in the freezer!). But very quickly, my nails went back to purple..and then pink...and then purple again!
The glitter doesn't really sparkle, but is very noticable in sunlight, very pretty!
It's a bit of a shame, since I really liked the purple colour, and didn't think about the fact it would just turn pink from the warmth of my hands.
Regardless, I think I would still repurchase this, but in a different colour, where it changes to a slightly lighter shade of colour. EDIT: After wearing this polish for a few days, I have had less issues with that bizarre two-toned effect, noticing that my nails are usually pink or purple, but I've also grown to like the two-toned effect! 

 Pretty Pink Nails

Overall, I really like this nail polish. I love when it's purple, I love when it's pink. I'm now also liking when it's both! The glitter looks gorgeous and shines under sunlight. I was going to buy DS Reserve from OPI, but was put off by the price tag. I'm happy with this polish, obviously it isn't as sparkly, but it changes colour!!
I have a feeling this would look cool under Black Shatter....

Thursday, March 10, 2011

OPI Black Shatter - Review

Sorry for the delay! I've been super lazy and have been putting off writing another review (silly, I know). But without further delay.....My thoughts and opinion of OPI's Black Shatter!

Sorry about the photo quality, a bit tricky to take a photo of black polish.
Inside the label reads: Apply one coat of Black Shatter over any completely dry Katy shade for an irresistible "shattered" look. 
Any Katy shade, eh? I don't own any of the OPI polishes from the Katy Perry collection, but let's give it a go with a nice berry polish.

So I applied a coat of Australis Sparkling in Berry Dazzle. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but it's a glistening polish full of thin glitter. I'm sure it's Katy enough to do the job :D

Now apply a coat of Black Shatter....

...Oooh! Very cool. Almost instantly after applying, Black Shatter shrinks over the base colour and gives that cracked or shattered effect, and each nail looks unique! It also dries matte, so I recommend a top coat to add shine and protect it from chipping.

Mmm I can't wait to test this out with other colours, particularly my OPI Simmer and Shimmer (sparkly blue polish from the Burlesque collection) that I picked up last week.
After I took those pics, I cleaned off the excess polish on my cuticles and fingers...Was such a pain, that Australis polish pretty much stained my fingers with glitter and berry colour! Curses. Won't I have fun reviewing that one?

I don't really have anything bad to say about Black Shatter, it's a super fun polish that I will enjoy experimenting with over different colours. However you must ensure that you wait for your base colour to fully dry before applying, otherwise it can mess up the shatter effect.

Til next time..

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just a little something....

I'm pleased to say that I now own not one, but two OPI nail polishes! XD
I purchased Dulce De Leche today and I can't wait to try it out! I plan to soon do a mini OPI haul review (as in my two lone OPI polishes, heh), and when my bottle of Black Shatter arrives, I'll try all sorts of combinations and take pictures :)

I'll stop being so lazy soon! I promise to do more reviews and posts!