Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nivea Lip Care - Review

Hello ^.^
This is a review for six Nivea Lip Care balms which I own, and I thought that I'd share my thoughts on them with you guys!

So here we have Pearl & Shine, Hydro Care, Essential, Milk & Honey, Star Fruits: Pink Grapefruit and Light Kiss, which so happens to be the order that I purchased them in!

1. Nivea Pearl & Shine
The tube reads: "Daily care with a beautiful pearly shimmer"
I purchased this balm so I could wear it when I wanted a touch of pinky shimmer to my lips, however when worn, it looks exrtemely frosty, particularly around the edges of the lips, and the pearly colour exaggerates cracks and fine lines in the lips - Not impressed!
Having said that, this balm feels great on. It's not waxy or too sticky, and it makes your lips feel soft and smooth.

2. Nivea Hydro Care

This product is basically a transparent balm used for dry lips. It goes on smooth and feels very light, and adds a very natural looking shine to the lips.
This does feel slightly greasy to me though, and has quite a strong and unusual smell to it...It's hard to describe, but it's not pleasant.

3. Nivea Essential

The tube reads: "Long-lasting care and protection"
This one is very similar to Nivea Hydro Care. It has a very similar scent to Hydro Care, but much more subtle and not overpowering at all. This also goes on smooth, but it feels a bit waxier and therefore a bit heavier, but one application of this will last a reasonable amount of time before needing to be reapplied.

4. Nivea Milk & Honey

The tube reads: "Natural daily care and protection"
Application-wise, this feels like it's somewhere inbetween Hydro Care and Essential, as it's not too waxy, but not too greasy either. It doesn't really smell like milk and honey to me, more like natural beeswax, because it doesn't smell super sweet like honey is. Or maybe that's the point of having it as milk and honey?

 5. Nivea Star Fruits - Pink Grapefruit

This is probably my favourite one! It has a cute design on the tube, is very moisturising, looks glossy on and adds a teeny bit of colour to your lips. Oh, and I looooove grapefruit!

6. Nivea Light Kiss

Hmm where to start? When this came out, I was really looking forward to it. It comes in a cute little pot and the name Light Kiss....It sounded so promising!
For me, the only good thing about this one is that the texture is indeed light. It feels like softened butter when taking it out of the pot.
However, this is one of the worst smelling and tasting balms I have ever tried!! It smells and tastes like heavily scented soap, no kidding! And when applied to the lips, it has these tiny little gritty pieces of balm in it, can you imagine applying butter with small grains of sand in it onto your lips?? YUCK.
Light Kiss isnt transparent either, it's white, and when you apply it, you need to actually blend it a bit, otherwise you are left with a slight white tint on the lips.

The Verdict

So out of the six Nivea lip balms, I would probably only really recommend two of them: Nivea Essential if you're looking for a plain lip balm, and Nivea Star Fruits if you want a fruity tinted balm. If grapefruit isn't your thing, there's plenty of other ones in the Star Fruits range avaliable, such as cherry, strawberry and dragonfruit. (I used to own the cherry one, and I loved it. But I used it all up and never got around to replacing it :| )
Also I suggest you stay away from Light Kiss, I'm annoyed that I bought it in the first place, I really can't recommend it at all.

So those are my thoughts on the Nivea Lip Care range! Hope you found it helpful :)


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