Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bonne Bell Honey Kiss - Review

Time for another review!

Today I'm doing three Bonne Bell Honey Kiss lip glosses. Now I'm sure that you're wondering, Honey Kiss? Haven't these been discontinued?
Well, yes. But you can pick these up off Ebay, and some chain stores such as Kmart do still sell them, just depends where you look.

Here's a little note about what the product says:
  • Sheer color sponge-on lip gloss that lasts
  • Light and natural flavor
  • Infused with honey, nature's ultimate moisturizer
  • Natural, moisture rich botanicals soften and soothe lips

So from left to right, we have Honey Sugar, Honey Kiss and Honey Be. I love the packaging, the tubes are so cute! The spirals remind me of a beehive, and the sponge applicator is pretty decent too.

Swatch with flash:

Swatch without flash:
As you can see, Honey Sugar is clear with glitter. Honey Kiss has a slight pink tint to it. Honey Be is the only real 'coloured' one, which has a nudy pink shine to it. However, all of them are very glossy. Each gloss has a different scent, which you wouldn't really guess from the names.

1. Honey Kiss in Honey Sugar

It's hard to describe the scent of this, it smells fairly sweet, but kinda fruity..? 
I don't know why, but I cannot work out what it smells like! It isn't unpleasant though. It goes on clear, and adds a hint of glitter to the lips.

2. Honey Kiss in Honey Kiss

Wow, this has an interesting smell! It does resemble sweet honey, but some people love the smell, some people hate it. Personally, I don't mind it :) 
Even though on the swatch it shows up slighty pinky, it just looks like a clear gloss when applied to the lips.

3. Honey Kiss in Honey Be

Now this one's scent isn't great, kinda like crayons to me. However this is the one that shows up the most on lips. This is a really pretty gloss! I think it looks great when paired with a natural makeup look.

The Verdict

So what do all these glosses have in common? 
When applied, they do feel very soothing, and I do find that they soften my lips, even after being removed. I wouldn't say that they are really flavoured at all, definitely scented though. The staying power is pretty average for a lip gloss, but while the glosses are sticky, they do feel very smooth on the lips.

I personally wouldn't bother with getting the transparent or lightly tinted versions of Honey Kiss, however I'd say that it's worth trying the Honey Be shade, or another heavily coloured one. Don't let how the product looks in the tube fool you! It doesn't show up that strong once applied to the lips.

Well, that's all for now!


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